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Life is rather like a pilgrimage; and as a pilgrim, I hope to enjoy the journey and help others do the same with some good musical reflection along the way. My passion is to write lyric that tells distilled stories, contemplates the good life, and at times ponders the mystery behind it all.


The music that moves the lyric is grassroots with a little alternative edge when the mood fits. My musical experience is woven together from 15 years of song writing and 25 years of performing a variety of genres from blues and jazz to gospel and alternative. No bells, no whistles, no frills. Just straightforward Americana music with occasional overdrive.

Music and lyric are gifts from God for good conversations, from the powerful and profound to the jesting and light-hearted. From the pub to the church, these musical conversations shape our lives, sometimes providing the backdrop and soundtrack, while at other times offering the very key to making sense of it all for a particular moment in the journey. 

That's what music is to me, and I hope that's what my music can be for others. I'm humbled and grateful for those of you who invite me to be a part of your journey and the conversations you have along the way. Perhaps, one day our paths will cross beyond the musical metaphor with a handshake or a face-to-face chat. But until then, thanks for listening...

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